‘The Hunter’, Single Screen HD Video With Sound, DCP, 8min, 2013-2014 

‘The Hunter’ is a collage-like film composed of disparate material relating to the recurrent emergence of gold in times of Depression, as both a symbol and commodity. The departure point was the recent events in the Cassandra gold mines in Northern Greece, which have caused much controversy, with the local population resisting the mine’s non transparent sale by the state and its long-term environmental destruction. With its accent on the “cut”, the film makes an allegory between the surface of a gold mine and the surface of cinematic images through an associative montage structure that assembles the artist’s filmed sequences in the Mines and interweaves them with found footage fragments. A layered soundtrack is used as a unifier, simultaneously creating a flow between the disparate images and a Brechtian Verfremdungseffect. Like a ventriloquist, the artist uses her own voice to take over various film figures, as a way of possessing them and of ‘making strange’. (Video excerpt)