‘Sleeping HERO4’, Stereoscopic 3D red-cyan Single-Channel HD Film, DCP, 2’30’’, 2016 (Commissioned by The Onassis Cultural Centre Athens for Hypnos Project Exhibition)

The 3D objects in the house of the grandmother of the artist a few months after the first passed away are being captured at a moment in limbo, just before the house is emptied-out for good: Like cinema’s ‘Foley objects’, the objects’ ‘value’ shifts between ‘sentimental’, ‘exchangeable’, ‘symbolic’ or ‘real’. Or the value acquired by waste or ‘detritus’, as Walter Benjamin calls the objects that a rug picker would collect and a child would use as their building blocks when playing. The layered soundtrack consists of Foley and vocal fragments from Greek and Hollywood post war films that are being assembled and recycled by the artist herself. (Video excerpt)