‘Ducktator’, Single-channel HD video installation with sound, 4:3 screen, 4min 30sec, commissioned by the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, 2012 (a second screen is normally displayed for subtitles on a box-monitor). Installation view at SMFA, Boston.

“Ducktator” explores the relationship between propaganda in the form of moving-images, and the “absurd”. The work borrows found imagery from various film sources, amongst which are soviet, nazi and USA Walt Disney propaganda cartoons from the 1930’s and 1940’s, as well as extracts from the newsreels broadcasted in the national television during the 70’s dictatorship in Greece. Propaganda techniques are employed for the editing of the video; The personal narrative of the grandmother of the artist, an over aged woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who was asked to narrate in front of the camera in a TV broadcasting studio, has been “censored” by the artist herself. Therefore, in a darkly humorous way, the work poses ambiguous questions such as: What is safer, the newsfilms of cinema and television from past decades, or oral history? (Excerpt from video)